About TC-7623

Born: May 13 2005

501 st Membership Date: August 9 2005

Costume: Clone Commander Bly http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/commanderbly/


One of the great things about being a clone is the diversity in the costume characteristics. There is ten times the variety of the clone versus the regular Stormtrooper. One of the other things that intrigued me was that the EU was making the clones different, yet they were the same.

After finding out more about Bly and seeing he commanded the 327 th Star Corps, I was an instant fan. The numbers 3 & 27 have special significance to my wife and I, as well I love yellow anyways.

I’ve been slowly progressing towards the full evolution of the E3 clone and now have the pauldron and kamas; with the final detail being in the E3 Clone Helmet itself which I should have in 2006.

Costume Building