Troop Events

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2005-05-14 Calgary Science Centre

2005-05-18 Star Wars E3 Premiere: Paramount Chinook

2005-05-19 Star Wars E3 Premiere: Paramount Chinook

2005-05-20 Calgary Children's Hospital

2005-05-21 Star Wars E3 Premiere: Paramount Chinook

2005-06-05 MS Walk (damaged my armour and sprained my ankle)

2005-06-11 Badlands in the Badlands: Drumheller

2005-07-02 Westerncon 58

2005-07-08 Calgary Stampede Parade

2005-07-13 Calgary Stampede Kids Day

2005-07-16 West Edmonton Mall

2005-07-22 Star Wars Kids Camp

2005-07-25 Klondike Days: Event for Kids with Special Needs

2005-08-20 Comic & Toy Festival

2005-08-24 Oilmens Golf Tournament Sci-Fi "Take-down"

2005-09-03 WEM Hurricane Katrina Red Cross Fundraiser

2005-09-03 ESO Under the Sky @ Hawlark Park

2005-09-24 Salvation Army Children's Villiage

2005-10-07 Fright Night – Calgary

2005-10-10 Lupus Walk



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